12:21pm 07-28-2011
Janet, so good to hear from you. Thanks for your efforts on getting new material to us. This really made my day. I wish you all the best. Can't wait to here some new stuff.
6:29pm 07-24-2011
Janet La Valley
Hey there you all.
Thanks so much for all the posts about wanting to hear my unreleased record.
Really makes me really happy--sniff sniff.
Just so you know, though, the reason it's so hard to get these songs to you is that the album was recorded in the 1990s, on reel to reel, and there were never any CDs produced, and I never got digital copies of anything but the 4 songs I rerecorded post the dive-bombing of the impending but doomed for extinction solo release. So all I have is a 10-year-old cassette tape of the unmastered album tracks--sounds lame, I know, but seriously, it's the truth! I recently tried digitizing the cassette at one of those places that do that sort of thing for like 50 bucks, with less than stellar results: "This sucks!" said my producer friend upon listening.
So I am going to go into the studio and see what magic can be worked with computers and someone who actually knows what they are doing. That's supposed to happen sometime this summer. I also want to include some super-early demos that I bet you don't remember or never even heard! Tee hee.
For those of you who want to hear my version of "Dirigible," that's Greg's song and I cannot post it here cause I don't own it. But just so you know, I rocked the SHIT out of that song!
Anyway, I'm gonna send Steve my remaining mp3 from the final studio session to post here. I never played it live; it was written for the rerelease of the record, which never happened. Sniff sniff. So look for that soon. It's called "Love to Hear You Cry."
Thanks again for caring--seriously. It really means so much. Janet, or J-la, if you prefer.
11:00pm 07-12-2011
Janet, thanks for the mp3s. Now I'm reminded how sad I am that there's no CD. 3 is MUCH better than none though. Cover is awesome too. :-)
10:13pm 06-17-2011
Janet there are few vocalist in your league! Please release new material.
5:34pm 05-19-2011
John Crowell
Been looking for info on your career since the last time I saw you at the Grover House in Beverly!
10:03pm 05-16-2011
Bill Taube
I've just about worn out my cassettes of you and Tribe, so new music would be most appreciated. You still look and sound fantastic, thank you so much for your contributions to the world. Now that I've found you, I'll keep contact.
11:51pm 03-30-2011
John O
Hi everyone. just me checking in again hoping the record sees the light of day.....I'm just never going to give up.....ever!
10:52pm 02-26-2011
Maria M
Janet, been a huge fan since the early Tribe days in Boston. Please give us more! You are awesome!
12:37am 02-26-2011
John C
Janet! Please record. I remember hearing and watching the old band in Boston, but it would be great if you release new stuff. I'm waiting! You are the best!
2:00pm 02-20-2011
Biks Wigglesworth
C'mon, let's hear Dirigible. After hearing the Tribe demo I know you did a better job with it. (from what I remember on WBCN back in the day) You said in a 2008 forum post that you'd be getting to this stuff. Well? It's 2011. What's yer paypal account? I'll send the money right now. :-)
9:17pm 01-18-2011
Hi Janet. Just checking in again, like I do every other day, to see the progress on your record coming out. I hope all is well with you. Can't wait to hear more of your music someday. A b-sides and demos E.P. would be cool too! There's a whole bunch of us who, all these years later, appreciate both Tribe's music and your solo work....and we're not going anywhere. You should all be proud to have been the coolest part of Boston's music scene for a nice stretch. I know I'm proud to be a fan....your biggest fan....your #1 fan.
1:20am 01-08-2011
Jeannine Elliott
Tribe was one of the first bands I heard after moving to Boston in1989 from a small town in upstate NY. I thought they were awesome then and I still think that today. Still have my autographed 4 track record. Thanks for the site.
1:45am 12-17-2010
why is it so complicating to hear this cd? Sorry just dont understand it, the 3 songs posted on here are excellent, why not let the fans FINALLY hear the rest of this cd? If its a money thing, im sure we could all agree to pay for them if thats the issue, I personally dont have a problem with that and by the sounds of it other people here as well, so give your fans what they want, dont shut us out because sony is full of a bunch of idiots!!
9:35pm 12-14-2010
all I want for Christmas is Extraordinary Popular Delusions (and The Madness of Crowds).
6:50pm 12-11-2010
janet please please post more songs from your solo album!!!
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