11:41pm 09-23-2009
So, I'm listening to you and thinking cool it was to see you perform live and to see that you still have "it" after all these years...20 plus at least. Take care
12:53pm 09-10-2009
Stephen Ross
Hey There,

I was digging through a box of CDs last night and found my copy of Abort. It brought back lots of memories, and when I pulled it out, saw that I had a playlist from one of your shows. Just to let you know that you DID make it outside of Boston, since I was living in Austin, TX at the time and must have seen you at I'm guessing Liberty Lunch. Listening to the CD again and it really does stand up after all these years. Wonderful talent and I hope you persevere. I just found this site today and am looking forward to hearing your new work.

p.s. I have a scan of the playlist if you want me to forward.

Seattle, WA
9:59pm 08-10-2009
tara howe
MISS U!!!!
5:14pm 07-20-2009
John Harwood
Hey Janet!

Long time no talk...great to see you are doing so well. just tried to friend the only Janet LaValley i thought could be you on Facebook...will wait to see if it's you...


10:37pm 06-25-2009
I've just seen the video on youtube of Janet's band at the Middle East in Dec. 95. It is just marvellous. The 2 songs are outstanding. A must see.
9:13am 06-18-2009
Ron Petto
Janet, It's so great to hear you! I loved you in Tribe. Always remember the Nightstage show, you were amazing. Please please please play Boston again!
8:39pm 06-17-2009
David Medsker
Wow, I am totally bookmarking your Halloween picture page. Your costumes are incredible. Amy Winehouse never looked so good. Ever.
9:44pm 05-25-2009
Bryan Fuller
I just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful tunes. Tribe was the first band I ever fell for and you and the gang opened up a whole world of music for me. I still listen to your tunes even today. Matter of fact, I ran on the Charles this afternoon listening to Here at the Home. I have an ironic story. Years later after Tribe broke up, I still was very interested the music scene and I wound up managing a band called Winterboy. They drummer lived on Cambridge Street in Brighton (I believe). She said that Tribe (she didn't say who from the band) use to live there. She said you guys use to jam in the basement. I am not sure if it is true, but it made for a great small world story. Oh, I really love...NO LOVE your solo song "Its All Right With Me"! I am hoping that one day I will hear some other tunes from you.
2:57pm 05-06-2009
Susan Goldberg
I still love TRIBE! Smile everytime it pops up on the IPOD and then have to listen to every sweet bit of it! Janet - Call me~!! New cell: 310-995-4335.
4:54pm 05-05-2009
I was at your last Tribe show at the Orpheum, and am your biggest fan!! xoxo
6:21pm 04-24-2009
Damn - I love your voice! xo - chumli
2:50pm 03-12-2009
Tara Howe
Here from Boston! can we see you perform again? can we buy your music? miss you badley! I had the best times at your shows! COME BACK!!
9:39pm 02-16-2009
George F Monahan
Hey Janet, I went to the Orpheum Show (James) with some friends and a coworker, one of my buddies was crying uncontrollably at the end of the show, I think he was in love with you, at that time. I hope he has recovered. Anyhow we are all missing you. I hope you are well.
keep the faith,
12:55am 02-14-2009
John Butler
Any way that solo album will ever come out? I taped "Dirgible"off of WFNX (I caught it just about when it was played for the last time) and now I cannot find it for the life of me.
2:32pm 02-06-2009
Joel A Feingold
Hey Janet!

Email me or friend me on Facebook! I want to catch up after 15 years.

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