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11:01pm 10-06-2021
Raido Teagan
Still one of my greatest inspirations
3:51pm 07-20-2021
Lettuce Bee
30 years later we are still listening to Tribe. Thank you for the soundtrack to that period of our lives.
9:27am 04-02-2015
Rob Gorden
There was Nirvana. There was Pearl Jam. There was Soundgarden and the rest of the greatness that was the music scene in the early nineties. However, my favorite band was Tribe. I saw them many times in the greatest summer of my life. I love you Janet. Thank you for the summer of 1992.
11:26am 12-05-2014
Happy Birthday
12:18am 10-21-2014
I heard Janet sing at the Jersey City Art & Studio Tour (JCAST 2014)- wow - amazing, her voice is so powerful and beautiful it gave me chills. I would love to hear her perform live again, would love any info!
6:58am 06-29-2014
Hi Janet,I met your sister and her husband at a party. We talked about Steven and You. There was a situation in our lives that happen and I am hoping that you would remember. I do not wish to write it online and I never told your Sister and Husband. When we were young. We played together as kids on Hartwell and Waterhouse St. It has to do with You and Eve. That one day when you confronted me with it you walked away from me and I never really saw you again.Believe me that hurt! It is Nice to hear that You and Steven are doing Great. You are both Talented! If you ever need a shoulder, I will always be there for you. Tom
7:50pm 03-30-2014
Great news. I first heard Tribe on 'BCN nocturnal emmissions & also saw the last show at the Orpheum, with several in pre-and-post Red Rover days with Cliffs of Dooneen. Man, those were good days & you guys nailed it! With harmony. There's a gap which I'll reconnoiter on-line. Looking forward to your new work. Snow's gone. Time to be cleaning the yard.
5:06pm 03-06-2014
Janet, we miss you
8:54pm 10-31-2013
It's one of those rainy autumn evenings again that makes me miss those Tribe days terribly
11:10am 07-11-2013
Janet, hope you're having a good summer and are doing well. You are missed in Boston.
9:20pm 03-01-2013
Kevin V
Janet, no one has a voice quite like yours. I'm lovin' these MP3's. I couldn't get them out of head if I tried. Awesome job by you and Norm. I saw you twice at Avalon, back when they used to shut down Lansdowne Street. They were great shows and still talked about by my friends and I to this day. You wore a tiara and sprinkled fairy dust on the front row. For once in my life I was glad I wasn't in the front row... Just kidding, that was a nice touch to the performance. We all had a good laugh and cheered. All my best to the beautiful and wonderfully talented Janet LaValley. Hoping to hear more of your songs in the future. I know I will. The problems with the studio will eventually work themselves out. All my hopes, and happy happy! (Ok, so I stole that last part)
2:34am 01-31-2013
Kevin Brown
I have Abort and Sleeper on my ipod and I am amazed how often I find myself turning to listen to them. The music is timeless and still sound fresh. It would be great to have a new CD from Janet. Please keep me posted on any developments.
1:06pm 01-14-2013
I was driving home through Nashua NH last night and had a Tribe flashback. I remember having the opportunity to listen to Abort in it's entirety while driving home after a show in Nashua. What made it memorable is that it was a week before its release!
3:12pm 01-04-2013
Douglas Halby
Just Discovered Magic Pill on You Tube.
2:14pm 12-28-2012
Douglas Halby
Enjoyed all 3 Tribe Albums growing up and had a quest for more on You Tube (The Ultimate Time Machine). Ran across Tribe Live Performance of Roxy Music's Out of The Blue (Also a Favorite Band of Mine). I loved it. Is there ever going to be a Re-Union Tour (Preferably in NYC or Long Island)?
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