3:19am 12-01-2010
Dan Prosser
I've given the free samples here a bazillion spins! Great stuff and looking for more. Would love to see you live one more time before I die. That should give ya some time cuz I'll be hanging around for a little while longer!
2:20pm 11-16-2010
Don Kimenker
It's a long weird strange story of how I came to love Tribe's music and it includes hermaphroditic identity theft - which in of itself is a hell of a title for a song. Meanwhile, I founded in 1999 and would love to have your music on the site. Hope you're well and digging deeper. Your lyrics are penetrating and good luck with everything.
9:16pm 11-08-2010
Janet, hope all is well with you. Can't believe it's been 20 years since my first Tribe show....Sept. 1990! I Miss following the band and your solo project as well. Miss those days, period...some of the most amazing energy at those gigs!
6:30pm 10-31-2010
when will more songs be posted, better yet full cd? Ive been waiting for this to be released for a long time, even begged her old band members for it.. Janet if you read this please release these songs for the fans that were waiting to buy it..I supported and saw all your solos shows, it would be a bonus if i could finally hear these songs on 10!!
8:59am 10-20-2010
Had a dream the other night that I unwrapped a Christmas gift and it was Extraordinary Popular Delusions (and The Madness of Crowds)......for real!
6:09pm 10-07-2010
I loved tribe. Saw them a few times, my fave was at Edible Rex in Billerica. There were maybe twenty folks there. So awesome. Listened to Abort this week, still holds up. Man I miss old beantown rock...just ain't the same....

4:40pm 09-20-2010
matt sweeney
We loved the Tribe & JL back in the mid 90's. Is she touring?

If not why not?

10:52pm 09-11-2010
Bryan Fuller
I am huge fan and would love to see you play again. Do you have any tour dates for solo or otherwise. Still no one like you. I saw you play probably 30 times, never a bad show. Oh, please, please release your solo CD. I love the three songs you gave Steve. I agree, definitely do a CD, not just the MP3. I still have the original Here at the Home tape, which is funny because I don't even own a tape player anymore. If you do a CD, you should consider a poster too.
8:29pm 09-06-2010
Greg Chase
Janet, you have always rocked ! From Avalon on Lansdowne to the Underground in Lowell

Love you and Loved Tribe, thanks for feeding our collective need
Greg, fan and fellow musician / drummer
4:36pm 09-03-2010
Please, please, please release you solo album on iTunes or some equivilant... I will happily pay for it. I am a huge Tribe fan; and those three songs you posted are fantastic....give us more!
2:12am 08-15-2010
Janet, hope you're having a nice summer. Checking in regularly and hoping you'll find the time to put your record together. I just can't wait.
10:14pm 08-01-2010
I was fortunate to have know of and listened to Tribe in its prime. I saw their last show as a group and also was fortunate to see Janet and her new group perform on Lansdowne street in Boston during an FNX event and was completely blown away by the amazing lyrics and music, which then turned to extreme disappointment when no album materialized. I am glad to see that so many fans want to see the original music that should have been out years ago. I recently reloaded my iPhone for a business trip and I put in just my favorites; Tribe and Think Tree made the two hour flight seem very short indeed.

Thank you Janet for your beautiful voice and your desire to make your unreleased material available for all of us fans that have been waiting to hear more of your music. If we need to pre-order the CD you are putting together to make the job easier on you (CDs don't make themselves for free) just let us know. I for one would have no issue paying in advance for your amazing work.
12:46am 07-15-2010
Chris Barry
I just got the best chill reading Janet's post....thanks for taking time to acknowledge the fan base that endures. Janet, you are SO correct when you say that Tribe did good work-that's exactly why the music lingers on in so many of us. -With the sincerest gratitude, thanks again for the music from another fan who just could never get enough.
5:50pm 06-28-2010
jon joubert
How you have persevered. Can you get you material out via iTunes for the rest of the world to grab hold of? You should. Have a great summer. Best to you. XXOO.
A classmate, Jon
12:08am 06-19-2010
chris young
I first saw Tribe open for the Psychedelic Furs in 1990 and they mezmorized me and my friend. We immediately bought the Abort "cassette" at the time. Then I saw them on their own the following April. I had to use a fake ID to get in at the time and thank god that they let me in. No one else in Buffalo seemed to know who they were so it seemed like at that time I had that band to myself. I bought a shirt that night, met Terri (and I was very nervous like I was meeting the president) and wore that shirt out til it finally fell apart in the wash. I want to thank Steve Latham for putting together the Tribe site (and Bill Gates or whoever for inventing the internet) and all fans around the world for helping it to grow. I still live in 1992 unfortunately as the late 90's and the current decade just lack something for me musically. I since have used this site to buy 2 new Tribe shirts and I'm sure as more are available I'll get those too. I'm looking forward to hearing some new Janet and personally can't wait for Rockband: Tribe. I think we all know of some people who could make that happen.
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