11:52pm 06-18-2010
chris young
it would make my year if she toured and came to my town. it would be a timewarp for sure. glad to see she is still making music. as far as record companies go; they suck! they fucked poe over too yet people like justin timberfuck rule the airwaves. Something aint right.
11:08pm 06-06-2010
Sore? Store!
11:08pm 06-06-2010
John Sadler
Never heard of tribe until today in a car next to me. I asked the driver who it was and they looked at me odd and said "Tribe" Janets voice is like hypnotic (like her eyes)! Guys at the Firehouse are ready to throw me and my Tribe mp3's out! Gonna hit the local music sore tomorrow!!!!
9:51pm 05-29-2010
I saw Tribe live once at the old Lupo's in Providence sometime in the 90's. A friend suggested that we go to see a band she liked. I still have the image in my mind of Janet on stage and her performance. There was just something about her, and her spirit onstage that night that I remember still to this day that I just can't explain. Magic????
11:26pm 05-14-2010
Janet, thanks so much for stopping in and updating us. Your record has been on my mind for years, just hoping it would see the light of day. I remember calling RPM regularly until about 1999. Following Tribe was a great time and memorable part of my life. I made quite a few of your shows as well. I remember most notably the Middle East Downstairs. It's so cool for you to acknowledge us fans and that you want to release your album. I think it's even cooler that you'd like a CD format. Thank you again and I hope you have a great summer.
7:48pm 04-25-2010
Janet La Valley
Hello All.

Janet here.
I've wanted to write for a long time and tell you all--at the same time--how much it means to me that you visit this site [that the awesome Steve Latham put together] and take the time to write to me. Seriously. That what I did meant something to you, and still does. Thank you.
And I'm thinking of putting together a disc--acutal hard copy disc--of some/all the songs from the unreleased record. Seems like some of you would like to have that music. I could do the mp3 thing, but me, I like to actually have the CD--whether I end up downloading it or not. Anyway, reading these posts here have inspired me: I'll create original art for it and get the CDs produced. I'll work with Steve about how to get them to you.
Again, thanks so much for your continued interest in what I did/am doing.
Tribe was a great band that I am so proud to have been a part of.
I think we did some really good work.
And Norm Demoura and I did some good work too.
I think I'm ready to get it out there.

I'm gonna send Steve one more mp3 to put on the site--with lyrics.
So watch for that.

More later.

Be kind to one another.

2:24pm 04-21-2010
Tribe, was and is still on my best top 5 bands ever list. And Janet's vocals were a huge part of that. Tribe should have been a 20 year phenom like Rush or the Cure. Don't give up on us Janet...Columbia Records does have its head up its ass... sell the album on your site or iTunes...I for one will buy it.
3:07pm 04-16-2010
I miss you! where are you these days. I keep telling Friends of this amazing front woman Janet LaValley of this great band Tribe. With the talent I don't understand why some band don't explode into huge fame. you were so fun! loved you guys. love your voice and performance!
8:03pm 03-16-2010
Jack T
I first saw you guys in Minneapolis (at Prince's old place Glam Slam) as an opener for The 'Furs. You guys stole the show! And when I ended up in CT a few years later I used to listen to you guys while hanging out in Mystic. I've worn out a couple of Abort CD's since! Hope you are well and can't wait for a new CD from you!
11:35pm 03-10-2010
Michael Dillon
Blind man seeking purple light, Lambent glow Walpurgis night
6:27am 02-14-2010
I was probably a number one fan back in the Tribe days. You could find me hurling myself into the speakers or moshing back then. Now I am more together, I am learning to play the bass. I found your website after what, 15 years, today and was thrilled with Unwind and It's All Right. Going to see you with Tribe was like a religion with me. Now its music. And I am so glad you are still making music. You need to get back out there big time! thank you.
1:29pm 02-05-2010
Thom Healey
Janet, this is Thom Healey former singer from Boston's Delusions of Grandeur (not the other one). We used to play together at The Channel quite a bit. I am glad to see you are making music after a long break. I like the new songs, good luck and if you are coming to LA, let me know... Thom
1:28pm 01-25-2010
Jonathan Harrison

Can't believe we're finally getting to hear some of The Album. Unwind and It's All Right with Me are great songs - it's like Tribe all over again. And I'd head straight for my wallet to hear that album Tribe fans have waited so many years for. Unload it on us!

Thanks for all the good times,
Jonathan Harrison
7:57pm 01-04-2010
It was wonderful to find your site. I grew up in RI and went to college in Boston during the late 1980s. I caught The Tribe live in late 80's and early 90's and was smitten. I've lived away from MA/RI for nearly 20 years and have proudly packed my Tribe vinyl and CD's around from state-to-state. I was adding my Tribe CDs to my Itunes player recently, got curious, and found this site. I'm so glad I did. Please, please keep making music and singing!!!!! DrLDCarey on fm.last
2:27pm 10-26-2009
Seokwon Jin
Hi~` I am a Korean and I happened to listen to your songs on Youtube. I kinda felt such a talent since I'd known Jeff Buckley! I like your voice and your songs.
Good luck!
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