8:18pm 01-13-2009
Grant Lavallee
Still most likely my fav band of all time.
11:42pm 12-06-2008
Janet......still waiting so patiently for your record to come out. As always I miss you and Tribe so much. I hope you are doing well and hope to hear some new material soon.
8:48pm 12-03-2008
Great new sound...
Was wondering what happened to you?
9:54pm 11-23-2008
Believe it or not, The Tribe/Janet are still getting new fans, even in the Midwest. A friend recently dropped a copy of Abort on my desk and I haven't been able to put it down. Emotional yet accessible, creative and smart. Wish I could have been on the scene so many years ago. Thanks so much for "It's All Right With Me," for reaching out into the depths of cyber space and making yet another connection.
9:06am 10-16-2008
first of all i need to say i missed you!!! i am a huge fan of tribe and your wonderful voice!! i seen your last show in boston at the middle east in cambridge!! it was chrismas time i'm thinking it might of been a wbcn x-mas show(not sure if i was)!!
11:13pm 10-07-2008
Thanks so much, Steve for keeping the Tribe/ Janet flame alive! Thank you Janet for all of your amazing music! I too, have had the Tribe albums on cassette all these years... the music just does not age!

Janet, you need to play Boston again!
7:56pm 09-24-2008
Dear Janet,

Of all the amazing bands to come out of Boston, Tribe was my favorite on account of its originality, the power and emotion of the songs and best of all, your unbridled and channeled energy poured into the music. Keep on rocking and all the best to you.


4:01pm 09-24-2008
It is about time. Now, when can we see you live again. I remember seeing your last concert, knowing it was your last concert, thinking what a crime.
10:31pm 09-20-2008
Thanks for this site! My friends and I were Tribe groupies in the early '90s and regularly followed the band. I still remember Janet doing "Goldfinger" and doing her best "Fabulous Baker Boys" imitation, laying across a piano. I think Greg needs to slip in some of Janet's music into Rock Band.
5:34pm 09-19-2008
discovered your song on rock band and love it
thought it was made recently
4:53pm 09-13-2008
Janet recently sang in New York City, and she has the most amazing set of pipes I've ever heard!! What an amazing performer. She blew the house apart!
6:03pm 09-05-2008
Is Janet's version of DIRIGIBLE available anywhere?

- Ian
Langenthal, Switzerland
3:24pm 09-04-2008
1:44pm 08-28-2008
Lil' Hank
just wanted to say hi from San francisco
6:21pm 08-13-2008
I really wish people would look at this site and learn about the wonderful Janet! She is amazing and has helped me as a performer, singer, Thanks Janet xoxox Laura
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