10:21am 04-25-2012
Darby Thompson Croni
Found you on the internet - good stuff Janet - hope all is well with you and Tim....
1:12pm 04-15-2012
Hi Janet, Hope you are doing well. Still missing you rockin' Boston!
8:19pm 03-24-2012
I blame myself for not having started enjoying Tribe and you at the right time and age. Nonetheless, better late than never. Thanks for your incredible and amazing voice. Love it! Best wishes.
1:47pm 01-29-2012
Bruce & Andrea Zira
Hi Janet,
Bruce and I wanted to say hello.We were married 3 yrs ago and Bruce is 70 now..Still working.We hope you are healthy and happy.Please drop us a line.We'd love to hear from you..A
11:19pm 01-23-2012
Margie Somers
yo! couldn't find Tim's email. Wanna come over, the three of youse??
Lemme know!!
12:07am 01-20-2012
Robert M.
I was going through my CD collection reminiscing over the memories each CD held to me. I ran across my two Tribe CD's and fell in love with the music again (not that I ever fell out of love with it). Then I decided to see what information I could find out on the Internet that I didn't know before. AND HERE YOU ARE! When you release your CD, please announce it here. My credit card is ready to buy it!
12:46am 12-29-2011
Followed you in the day. One of my favorite Tribe shows was in the early 90's at the Paradise. You came out for the encore wearing a shirt that said "blow me and then leave" and sang "To Sir with Love" and I knew I was smitten.
1:46pm 12-28-2011
Maria Caira
So glad to find you and see that you're still singing!! I followed Tribe "back in the day" and still remember it as one of the best bands of all time!!!
5:52pm 12-21-2011
Craig Shrimpton
Hey Janet. Glad to see you're still rocking!
7:58am 12-20-2011
Wishing that Janet LaValley record was under my tree this year.
3:25pm 11-10-2011
Jori Darrah
Set something up to play in Plattsburgh Janet! We would love to see you!! Amazing!!!
Drop me a line!!
8:42pm 10-06-2011
Janet, come sing with me!
Pete - I was at that show in the overheated cafeteria at Tufts in 1990/91!!! It was AMAZING.
1:36pm 08-26-2011
Fantastic songs, and unique voice ! We need more J-la music in Paris, France !
6:34pm 08-16-2011
Janet, thanks so much for the new song. I love it and can't wait to hear more sometime. Thanks for thinking of us.
9:28am 08-11-2011
A couple of years ago I brought "Joyride" to my band and said "we have to cover this." I saw Tribe at Tufts University at their fall concert event one year, in an overheated cafeteria, and the show was completely stunning. I figured it would be cool to see if we could capture a little bit of that fire ourselves. I won't say our versions ever really compared to yours, but what I *can* say is that a) people who remember those days in Boston love us for bringing it all back, and b) people who didn't get a chance to see you ask us where the great song came from. ;-) Oh, and c) we enjoy the f**k out of playing it.

We had to drop "Joyride" from our set when our lead guitarist moved on to another project (you know how bands work!) but now a couple of years later we're breaking in a new guy and teaching him all our material, and the first cover we wanted to resurrect for our set now that we've got the lead chops back is--you guessed it.

I'm listening to the unreleased tracks now and really wishing the music biz wasn't such a bizarre place to try to get great songs heard. But it's beyond excellent to have even this much from you, all these years later. Thanks ... and hope your attempt to rescue some of the other songs pans out.
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