2:34am 01-31-2013
Kevin Brown
I have Abort and Sleeper on my ipod and I am amazed how often I find myself turning to listen to them. The music is timeless and still sound fresh. It would be great to have a new CD from Janet. Please keep me posted on any developments.
1:06pm 01-14-2013
I was driving home through Nashua NH last night and had a Tribe flashback. I remember having the opportunity to listen to Abort in it's entirety while driving home after a show in Nashua. What made it memorable is that it was a week before its release!
3:12pm 01-04-2013
Douglas Halby
Just Discovered Magic Pill on You Tube.
2:14pm 12-28-2012
Douglas Halby
Enjoyed all 3 Tribe Albums growing up and had a quest for more on You Tube (The Ultimate Time Machine). Ran across Tribe Live Performance of Roxy Music's Out of The Blue (Also a Favorite Band of Mine). I loved it. Is there ever going to be a Re-Union Tour (Preferably in NYC or Long Island)?
11:11am 12-04-2012
Janet La Valley
Oh, man. Thanks to you all who been checking in and leaving messages! Really so nice to read. I met with great Steve Latham this summer to show him the TONS of Tribe and Janet La Valley stuff I have to add to this website, but I just haven't gotten around to scanning the stuff and getting it to Steve.TO-tally lame, I know--but at least it's all in one place now--my bedroom floor! And as you know, I was also gonna put my solo CD sampler together (with cover art by me), but the studio I was set up to go to went under. I found another, and am now trying to schedule time to make it happen. Please check back soon--at least I should have some new photos up--zombie photos--of me!
Don't know what/when I'll be performing next, but when that happens, I'll put the info up here.
Blessings on all, and happy happy!
Miss Janet
1:30pm 11-29-2012
The holiday season is here again....don't need to tell you what I hope is under the tree this year...
10:16pm 10-22-2012
Mike Graves
So excited to hear new music with your voice on it, Janet! Really dig "Jube". Your unmistakable stamp is all over it! Bright days and love...
1:55pm 09-24-2012
@ Brownie and Jonathan....couldn't agree more.
1:19pm 09-20-2012
I wish every person in the world could come to know Janet LaValley, one of the most underated vocalist, female or otherwise.
12:24am 09-18-2012
Jonathan Blair
Pretty sure I saw you at the Channel (88 or 89?) and the Middle East Cafe?(I lived around the corner on Brookline St) and I still consider Abort to be the iconic album of Boston's fertile alternative music scene. Your voice and Tribes songs will always be with me and make me nostalgic for an amazing time in my life. Will New Yorkers like myself ever be treated to Janet LaValley live performance? Thank you Janet LaValley for the music you and your Tribe band mates created.
9:28pm 09-05-2012
I bought all your CD's when they came out & still listen to them today. You Tube has expanded my enjoyment of them. I never got a chance to see Tribe Live & Regret not seeking the shows out when you were all together. .
12:48pm 07-13-2012
Will there ever be the chance of a Tribe reunion? Maybe a 1 night deal in Boston somewhere? I realize that everyone has gone in different ways but boy what a show that would/could be!!!
5:48pm 06-01-2012
Dave Wieneke
I listen to these 'new to me' solo tracks -- and hear the archetype that Shirley Manson reaches for. When I see Amanda Palmer leave here contract and raise a million from fans it makes the think of Tribe's tough ride -- and how if this option have been at hand, that their fan base would have rabidly risen to the challenge.
4:08pm 05-03-2012
sorry, should have mentioned the link....
4:07pm 05-03-2012
Hmmm......looks like Janet has a newly recorded (my guess) song for a film soundtrack. Track 7.
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